The Pawn Duet #1 – Pike – T.M. Frazier (Lecture en VO)

“T.M. Frazier sucks me in every time with her incredible storytelling.”- Meghan March, New York Times bestselling author

Pike, the first dark and fast-paced story in The Pawn Duet from USA Today bestselling author T.M. Frazier, is available now!

Lorsque j’ai appris la prochaine parution du spin-off de la saga KING (KINGDOM en VF) dire que je fus aux anges est un euphémisme. À peine l’ai-je reçu dans ma liseuse que j’ai l’ai commencé le soir même. Ma nuit fut comme prévu ultra courte et très agitée en émotions. Mais cela en valait largement la peine…

Pike a toujours vécu du mauvais côté de la loi et il est également l’un des associés de King. Tout allait parfaitement dans sa vie jusqu’à ce que quelqu’un lui dérobe sa cargaison tout en semant le chaos dans les rues et qu’il mette la main sur cette étrange créature des plus fascinantes…

Que dire de ce spécimen hors-norme à part que c’est un redoutable et dangereux alpha dans toute sa splendeur. soupirs* soupirs* soupirs* Il va vous rendre complètement dingue ! Mais il va trouver une adversaire de taille au nom de Mickey. Cette nana je la kiffe grave ! C’est une tigresse un peu folle sur le bord qui n’a pas froid aux yeux !

Entre trahisons, secrets, rebondissements, danger et tension palpable, ces deux forts tempéraments vont se retrouver malgré dans les rôles du ravisseur face à sa captive. Mais quand les sentiments entrent en jeu, les choses se compliquent… 

En bref… Ce n’est pourtant mon premier livre de T.M. Frazier et pour tant cette fine plume ne cesse de m’épater ! Si elle fait partie de mes auteurs préférés ce n’est pas pour rien. Elle ne fait rien comme personne ! Et plus important encore, elle n’a pas son pareil pour vous embarquer dans son univers dès les premières pages, pour vous prendre au dépourvu avec des scènes dures et choquantes, à vous mettre dans un état des plus extrême et à vous rendre complètement accro de son histoire ainsi que de ses personnages ! Et elle le prouve à merveille ici. Mais ce qu’il m’a vraiment plu c’est le jargon de rue qui correspond en tout point au contexte (et j’espère que si un jour ce titre est traduit en VF que cela va vraiment correspondre car sinon l’histoire perdra toute sa beauté). C’est tout simplement EXTRA ! « Pike » est une lecture magistralement sombre et brute de décoffrage qui est à découvrir. Quand à moi, je n’ai qu’une hâte savoir ce qu’il va advenir de Pike & Mickey. Et je sens que cela va être intense et explosif ! Alors rendez-vous le 28 avril prochain !

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Participant au BLOG TOUR voici un extrait en VO

I raise the gun in both hands, aiming it at his chest. « I have to go. You can’t stop me, » I say, with all the resolve I have left. “You’re going to trade me and ambush them, but don’t you think they have the same plans for you? I have to go, and that way, fewer people will die. YOU won’t die. So, just let me leave. I have a plan. It will work. I’ll take them down for both of us.”
“No.” Pike looks from me to the gun. « And as I’ve told you before, you’re not going anywhere. » His words are dark and menacing. An amused smile turns up the corners of his lips.
It’s infuriating. He’s infuriating.
I straighten my shoulders. « What’s so funny? » I ask, swallowing down the rising fear in my throat. I remind myself of one important fact to keep from choking on that fear.
I’m the one holding the gun.
Instead of freezing or retreating as one would do in this situation, Pike takes a bold step forward, catching me off guard. I stagger backward, but I’m not fast enough. He reaches out, and at first, I think he’s going for the weapon, but he doesn’t. He confuses me as he wraps his hands around mine, tightening my grip around the gun. He lifts my hands and bends slightly at the waist, forcefully pressing the barrel against his forehead. « You wanna shoot me, Mic? Then, fucking shoot me, » he dares, with wild blood shoot eyes.
My mouth drops open, but words don’t come out. I expected Pike to defend himself. To come at me. To step aside and let me leave, even though it was the least possible of all the outcomes. I didn’t plan for this.
I can do this. I have to do this.
« Not what you were expecting? » His tone is both mocking and rage-filled. « I know what that pretty brain of yours is thinking. You want me to attack you and make pulling the trigger easier on that conscious of yours. » He bites out a laugh. « Not gonna happen. If you want to do this, I’m not going to stand in your way, but you’re not fucking leaving either. So, come on. Shoot me. Go ahead. Do what you planned to do. » His eyes narrow with determination. My hands shake in his. « Pull the fucking trigger! »
The air around us is thick and charged. My skin breaks out in a sheen of sweat. My adrenaline spikes and I feel all too alert. Too aware of what’s taking place between us.
I grip the gun tighter and gaze into his dark eyes, his pupils are large and covering every hint of color within them. Behind the anger and determination, there’s something else that I didn’t expect. Something that I’m all too familiar with. Hurt. Pain that mirrors my own. Desperation that calls out to me like a piece of my soul trapped within Pike.
« Shoot me! » he cries, his face red with anger, teeth bared like a wild animal. « Fucking shoot me! »
With those words, my fiery resolve dissolves into ash.
I step back, needing to put some distance between us, but Pike doesn’t have the same thought. He follows me backward, keeping his grip tight on my hands and the gun between them.
« I…I can’t do this, » I whisper, releasing my grip on the gun.
Pike releases his hold on me, catching the gun before it can fall to the floor.
I look to the window, but it’s too high, and Pike is directly in front of the only door. There’s no escape. So much for being brave. Instead, I’ve signed my own death warrant. My heart races erratically with the realization that this is it. It’s over.
I’m over.
« This was a really stupid fucking move for someone who claims to be so smart,  » Pike sneers. He raises the gun.
I pinch my eyes shut, waiting for the feel the bullet of his wrath to pierce my skin. I hear a thud, and my eyes fly open and land on the carpet where Pike’s tossed the gun to the floor.
My eyes meet his in silent question. Why?
He answers by charging, a one-man stampede I can’t avoid as he barrels toward me. His chest crashes against mine, and my head connects with the wall with a thud that rattles my bones. I’m dizzy as fear lands in my gut like a ball of fire. My pulse races as his closeness consumes me. The smell of cologne and cigarettes lingers between us—a trace of whiskey on his breath.
« You’re going to regret not pulling that trigger, » he sneers. The darkness in Pike’s eyes tells me that, gun or no gun, I’m not getting out of this unpunished.
Or possibly even alive.
I swallow hard.
He cages me in with his hands against the wall beside me, engulfing me in the heat and rage radiating from his hard body. I feel his heart beating fast beneath his chest now pressed against mine. « What to do with you now? » Pike muses, his breath ragged. His voice full of promise and warning. He brushes his lips over my temple. I tremble at the contact. « You’re going to pay for that little stunt, Mic. »
He’s close. Too close. I’m entirely rigid, frozen in place. This wasn’t supposed to happen. How did I let this happen? I’m the most terrified I’ve ever been, and yet there’s something else I can’t understand. Something else between us that’s charging the air, causing me to shake, and it’s not just from fear. Hatred mixed with need. The yearning I’ve denied for him is no longer lying dormant. It’s as real as the ache growing in my stomach, the wetness between my thighs. If I thought the room felt charged before, it’s damn near on fire now. The flames of desire and hate lick at the walls around us, setting everything ablaze, making the small room feel smaller, closing in around us.
My nipples harden as they brush against his chest. I suck in a gasp.
He doesn’t miss my reaction. He looks to where my nipples are straining against my shirt with heated eyes.
The only sound in the room is our mutual heavy breathing as he slowly pulls his gaze from my chest. His eyes lock on mine. For a few seconds, we just stare at each other—foreheads lined with confusion and anger.
A silent dare.
My mind, on the other hand, is anything but silent.
“Should I kill you or fuck you?” he muses. And I’m honestly not sure what scares me more. His anger or his desire. He brushes the backs of his knuckles against my jaw. « Maybe, both. »
« What do you— » I don’t have time to finish my question because his lips are on mine. He hoists me in the air, and my legs wrap around his waist on instinct.
It’s an angry joining of clacking teeth and biting lips. A war we are still fighting both with each other and ourselves. He growls at me when I pierce his lip, drawing blood. He licks the blood with his tongue then kisses me again, this time harder. A punishing kiss that has me growling at him in return. His coppery blood on my tongue tastes like victory. He licks his way between my lips, pushing his tongue into my mouth, licking and devouring with rough determined strokes. With a jerk of his hips, he presses the massive erection beneath his jeans between my legs, the pleasure that courses through me has me momentary seeing stars. I grind down on him in return.
He hisses in response, baring his teeth against my lips. « You’re going to pay for that, Mic, » he warns, taking my mouth in another kiss that has us grunting and growling at one another like starved animals fighting over the last scrap of food. But neither of us is about to give up. He pushes me back onto the bed, falling with me over my body, my legs splayed on both sides of his hips as he presses his cock again between my legs. I arch my back, needing to feel more. Needing for there to be nothing between us but desire. For each other, and to win. But, this is no longer a game we’re playing. It’s a battle. A war neither of us can win.
But, one in which we will both go down fighting.

About T.M. Frazier

T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier never dreamed that a single person would ever read a word she wrote when she published her first book. Now, she is a five-time USA Today bestselling author and her books have been translated into numerous languages and published all around the world.

T.M. enjoys writing what she calls ‘sexy wrong side of the tracks romance’ with morally corrupt anti-heroes and ballsy heroines.

Her books have been described as raw, dark and gritty. Basically, what that means, is while some authors are great at describing a flower as it blooms, T.M. is better at describing it in the final stages of decay.

She loves meeting her readers, but if you see her at an event please don’t pinch her because she’s not ready to wake up from this amazing dream.

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