Excerpt Reveal – Découvrez un extrait VO de Secret Beast d’Amilia Wilde

« Secret Beast » d’Amelia Wilde paraîtra le 23 février prochain en VO. Et voici un petit extrait VO.

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Résumé VO

The beast hides a dark secret in his past…

Leo Morelli is known as the Beast of Bishop’s Landing for his cruelty. He’ll get revenge on the Constantine family and make millions of dollars in the process. Even it means using an old man who dreams up wild inventions.

The beauty will sacrifice everything for her family…

Haley Constantine will do anything to protect her father. Even trade her body for his life. The college student must spend thirty days with the ruthless billionaire. He’ll make her earn her freedom in degrading ways, but in the end he needs her to set him free.

SECRET BEAST is a new full-length novel from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde about revenge, family secrets, and the redeeming power of love.

Et voici un extrait VO

Leo glances up at me, at my jeans and shirt, and laughs, cruel and short. “Is this how you intend to seduce me?”
“Mrs. Page said it was lunch.” I’m grasping. We both know it. “I didn’t think—”
“You didn’t think.” His tone cuts into me, barrels over me. “You’re not here to think, darling. You’re here to obey. Is it that you’d rather go home and let your father continue on with his contract?”
“No.” My lungs contract. I can’t get a full breath. “No, that isn’t what I want.”
“Then you’ll have to try a little harder at not being a f*cking brat.” He’s in front of me again. Something flares in his eyes but doesn’t show on the rest of his face. Maybe it’s anger. Maybe it’s not. “You know, I was going to give you lingerie and candles.”
“But instead, I’ll give you what you want. I was going to give you the illusion that it was sex, but now I’m just going to f*ck you.”
You can’t, I want to say. But he can. He will. And I’ll have to face the biggest fear of my life, the one I never thought would matter.
Which is that I’m a virgin, and Leo Morelli bought the rights to my virginity.
And the worst part is that I don’t hate it. Being afraid isn’t the same as hating. A dark want coils low in my belly. I can’t want this, can’t even fantasize about it, can’t, can’t, can’t. No part of this is a fantasy, even if my body thinks it is. Even if there’s already heat between my legs.
Leo’s still watching me. “Strip,” he says.

About the Author:
Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY bestselling author of steamy contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside.

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