The Rake (Boston Belles #4) de L.J. Shen [Lecture en VO]


Ce quatrième opus, il me tardait de le découvrir. Avec un tel titre et un résumé des plus attrayants, j’étais curieuse de savoir ce que l’exceptionnelle L.J. Shen allait me réserver. Eh bien ma nuit fut ultra courte et très agitée émotionnellement parlant mais cela en valait largement la peine.

Avant d’aller plus loin, je tiens à signaler que bien qu’il s’agisse d’une suite, cette histoire étant axée sur un tout autre couple peut être indépendamment des autres. Cependant, je vous conseille tout de même de faire connaissance avec ces phénoménaux personnages. Croyez-moi vous n’allez pas le regretter…

Mais revenons à deux héros, Devon & Emmabelle. Deux forts tempéraments allergiques à toutes sortes d’engagements qui vont vous surprendre à tous les égards. Tant par leurs lourds bagages, leurs plaies encore à vif, leur interaction, leur vulnérabilité si bien cachée, leur sensationnelle connexion, leur alchimie explosive et la profondeur de leurs sentiments. Deux âmes brisées qui vont apprendre à s’aimer mais également à se faire confiance. Deux prisonniers d’un douloureux passé qui vont devoir lutter contre des démons intérieurs et entamer un bouleversant voyage plein de tourments et de guérison.

Lui, c’est la grosse surprise. Le genre d’héros que je kiffe grave. Un alpha dans toute sa splendeur dominant, ultra protecteur et délicieux à souhait qui a dû fuir l’Angleterre à cause de parents toxiques et qui peut se montrer redoutable et impitoyable quand la situation l’oblige. Après toutes ces éprouvantes années de contraintes et de déceptions, il peut enfin avoir la vie qu’il a toujours voulu. Mais ce qu’il n’avait pas prévu c’est que son plan idéal pour se libérer de toutes ses chaînes éveille en lui des sentiments qu’il n’avait jamais éprouver et prenne un tournant dangereux… 

Elle m’a littéralement prise au dépourvue. Elle avait tout de la femme froide et dédaigneuse qui assume pleinement sa sexualité et qui veut vivre sa vie comme elle l’entend. Mais vous vous rendrez vite compte que sous cette carapace se cache une âme meurtrie qui n’a pas eu la vie facile. Les épreuves qu’elle a dû traverser sont terriblement déchirants. Je ne m’étais pas attendue à cela. J’ai eu le coeur en mille morceau en découvrant ce qu’elle a subi. Cela explique pourquoi elle a un tel comportement envers la gente masculine. Mais il aura suffit qu’elle signe ce pacte avec cet homme bien trop tentateur pour que cette étincelle en elle s’éveille à nouveau et que sa vie soit en danger… 

En bref… Une fois n’est pas coutume, la magie L.J Shen a divinement opéré. Il faut dire que cette plume hors-paire trouve toujours les mots justes pour attirer ses lecteurs dans ses filets dès les premières lignes tout en les rendant complètement accro et les faisant vivre une expérience riche unique dans son genre et riche en sensations fortes. Et « The Rake » en est le parfait exemple. Une intrigue riche en rebondissements, emplie d’émotions vives avec un soupçon de danger et de suspens qui est menée avec une grande adresse. Des personnages parfaitement imparfaits que vous ne voudrez plus quitter… Un sombre et poignant récit d’une beauté brute qui vous ravagera divinement tous les sens et qui est bien évidemment à découvrir. La fin parfaite pour une phénoménale saga qui aura une place de choix dans ma bibliothèque papier…  



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     One of the good things about Devon Whitehall (and unfortunately, there were many) was that he never took himself seriously. After I had shamefully banished him from my bed, he had stopped calling me. The next time we’d met, however, at a Christmas party, he had hugged me warmly, asked how I was doing, and even showed interest in investing in my club.
    He’d behaved as if nothing happened. And to him I guess nothing had. I didn’t know why Devon had never married, but I suspected he suffered from the same relationship-phobia I was prone to. Over the years, I’d watched him parade one woman after another. They were all leggy, stylish, and held degrees in subjects I could hardly pronounce.
    They also had the shelf life of an avocado.
    Devon never tried to get with me again but remained wryly fond of me, the way you were fond of the childhood blanket you used to snuggle with but would not be caught dead in the same room with it anymore. These days, he made me feel chronically undesirable.
    “What’s got your knickers in such a twist?” he asked, running his fingers through his thick hair. Streaks of cool wheat and gold.
    I wiped my eyes quickly. “Go away, Whitehall.”
    “Darling girl, your chances of evacuating an Englishman from a bar on a Friday afternoon are slim to none. Any requests I can actually fulfill?” The casual benevolence rolling off of him made me nauseous. No one was supposed to be that perfect.
    “Die in hell?” I pressed my forehead to the cool bar.
    I didn’t mean it. Devon had only ever given me good conversation, compliments, and orgasms. But I was really upset.
    He slipped onto the stool beside me, flicking his wrist to check his Rolex. I knew he wouldn’t answer me. Sometimes, he treated me like an eight-year-old.
    Our drinks arrived. He pushed the Tom Collins my way, handing my glass of chardonnay back to the bartender quietly.
    “Here, now. This’ll make you feel better. And then significantly worse. But since I won’t be there to deal with the consequences…” He gave a careless shrug.
    I took a sip and shook my head.
    “I’m not good company right now. You’d have a better time striking up conversation with the bartender or one of the tourists.”
    “Darling, you’re barely civilized, and still better company than anyone in this zip code.” He gave my hand a quick but warm squeeze.
    “Why are you nice to me?” I demanded.
    “Why not?” Again, he sounded completely at ease.
    “I’ve been nothing but horrible to you in the past.”
    I thought about the night I threw him out of my apartment, panicked that he’d somehow find a crack in my heart, pry it open, and sneak into it. The fact that he was here, pragmatic and unbothered, just proved that he had heartbreak written all over him.
    “That’s not how I remember our brief but joyous history.” He sipped his Stinger.
    “I kicked you out.”
    “My arse had suffered worse.” He offered a dismissive flick of his wrist. He had nice hands. He had nice everything. “No need to take it personally.”
    “What do you take personally?”
    “Not many things in life, to be honest.” He frowned, giving it genuine thought.
    “Corporate taxes, perhaps? It’s essentially double-taxation, an outrageous concept, you must admit.”
    I blinked slowly at him, wondering if I was beginning to see a hint of imperfection in the man everyone looked up to. Under the layers of manners and chiseled looks was, I suspected, a truly odd man.
    “You care about taxes, but not that I humiliated you?” I challenged.
    “Emmabelle, love.” He gave me a smile that would make ice melt. “Humiliation is a feeling. One must submit to it in order to experience it. You’ve never humiliated me. Was I disappointed that our affair had run its course faster than I had wanted it to? Sure. But it was your right to end things at any given moment. Now tell me what happened,” Devon coaxed.
    His accent seemed to have a direct line to that place between my legs. He sounded like Benedict Cumberbatch reading an erotic audiobook.
    He studied me coolly, waiting. It annoyed me. How confident he was. How little he spoke, and how much he conveyed with the few words he used.
    “What do you want? We’re complete strangers.” My tone was matter-of-fact.
    “I reject that framing.” He slid a leaf of mint decorating his glass along his tongue. It disappeared in his mouth. “I know every inch and curve of your body.”

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L.J. Shen is a USA Today, Washington Post and Amazon #1 best-selling author of contemporary, New Adult and YA romance. Her books have been sold to nineteen different countries.
She lives in California with her husband, son, cat and eccentric fashion choices, and enjoys good wine, bad reality TV shows and catching sun rays with her lazy cat.

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Une réflexion sur “The Rake (Boston Belles #4) de L.J. Shen [Lecture en VO]

  1. C’est marrant ces couvertures de bouquins. Je crois que nous avons eu un échange avec des copines sur le sujet.
    J’aime beaucoup la façon dont tu parles de la lecture, c’est attrayant.
    Ceci étant dit, j’ai testé, ce n’est vraiment pas mon style.
    Je te souhaite une excellente journée
    A bientôt


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